Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jeepers Creepers! I've got a case of *blog rash*!

I've got a case of blog rash and it's makin' me itch something insane!

What? You haven't heard of blog rash? Well, aren't you the lucky one. Or the unlucky one, depending on your perspective of course.

Let me come clear. I mean clean. Blog rash is the condition where your desire to create blogs is so intolerably great that it breaks out like a rash and you just can't stop itching, I mean creating new blogs.

I've only just had this rush, I mean, rash, come over me. My blogs, the eponymous (oooooh, don't you like using big words) Thought Bubble Ten and Rooms for the Soul were only created in the last couple of weeks.  And I'm already itching to start my third. And I've got ideas for a fourth and fifth.  It's a serious rash, I'm tellin' ya!

I wonder if they will make me rich? Like Darren Rowse, maybe?  Oh, never mind the fame, I just want the money, thank you very much.

And in the meantime, do you think I need to see a blog doctor? If so, could you recommend one?

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