Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog posts and comments - Why bother?

Being new to this blogging thing and all, I've been in for a few surprises, one of which I'm going to mention here.

I've been visiting other blogs and when I've felt inclined to leave a comment, I've left one.  My comments are almost never one-liners, unless a post was so stupendously brilliant, I was left speechless, or wordless, I should say, and so far, that hasn't happened.  I'm not ruling out the possibility.  In fact, I eagerly await the post that shall floor me thus.  It would be a riveting experience, I'm sure of it.

But, to come back to where I was going, I've been leaving comments, all of them thoughtful and polite.  It's a shame I didn't keep a copy of my comments or I'd include them here.  I will in the future (keep a copy, I mean).

Anyway, of the 5 comments that I left, here's what happened (checking back 2-3 days later):

Comment 1 - No response

Commnet 2 - The owner of the blog changed my name from Thought Bubble to Peter, saying he doesn't like people using keyphrases in their name (why not,  not that using a key phrase was my intention to start with?) but because he liked my comment, he was allowing it to appear (now, wasn't that kind of him).

He did invite me to provide another name though but I really can't be bothered. I mean, I certainly wouldn't go around changing someone's name and then gratuitously suggest they submit another name for my approval if they didn't like the one I'd given them.

Besides, if he'd cared to visit my blog, he'd have gathered I'm of the other gender. 

Comment 3 - No response

Comment 4 - I got an email notification of another comment following mine (yes, by this time I'd discovered I could get email notifications of follow-up comments) but when I went to check back on all the comments, mine had mysteriously disappeared. (A glitch or a deliberate deletion, I wonder?)

Comment 5 - 'Thanks Thought Bubble.  Welcome aboard' (That's it?  I gave you something to think about and respond to in my comment.  Weren't you interested in engaging in a discussion or did you think that your post had said everything that could be said on the topic? )

You know, I thought the purpose of comments was to engage in a discussion which the post had set up.  I mean, I really think that a post is a stimulus, a trigger, a STARTING POINT, a doorway, a window, a platform for the altogether more fulfilling and educative business of DISCUSSION.

I don't see a post as the completion of it's author's thinking on any subject but as the beginning of her/his thinking, or at least, some point along the way of their thinking.  As such, it INVITES DISCUSSION not just PASSIVE AGREEMENT or INANE PRAISE.

Perhaps I'm visiting the wrong blogs.  (If you happen to be reading this, please point me to blogs that you think might be of interest to me or simply tell me what blogs you love visiting).

Don't get me wrong.  Praise a post or a blogger if you wish.  But please do more.  Please think and add your thoughts, no matter how weak or incomplete they may be. I'm sure any decent blogger and any decent commenter would appreciate the fact that you've taken the time and made the effort to engage in a discussion.  I know I would!

OK, I realize that not everybody will want to leave a comment (they're called 'lurkers', I've read somewhere) and many are only able to write one liners - perhaps a self-imposed limitation as they go on their frenzied blog hopping (in which case, I wonder, why bother?) .  But that is better than nothing, I suppose. 

Besides, I'm done with my rant now. I'm smiling again.  See:
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  1. I replied to your comment and didn't even change your name:).

    It would be good if we could all have a thoughtful response to comments, but I gotta admit sometimes I don't have anything new to add.

    Until recently, I didn't even realize I should respond to comments left on my blog. I was such a newbie!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting AND leaving a comment. I'll be stopping by again.

  2. Thanks for visiting AND leaving a comment yourself Bucksome (oops, I nearly spelled your name Buxom)!

    Yes, I realize we don't always (or often) feel able to comment and I do understand that we want to add something 'new' if we do choose to comment although that is not always easy to do.

    So, I'll resolve to just take it as it comes and enjoy it regardless. (Don't you see that halo glowing?)

  3. Peter? lol! That is the most hilarious thing I've ever heard - omg! For a minute, I thought, "this blog is very feminine for someone named Peter, but who am I to question people's tastes?"

    Commenting isn't just a polite way to engage in discussion with a blog owner and his or her readers. It's also a strategy for leaving links to your own blog.

    "Nice post and leave a link" comments are like a quick peck on the cheek. Hardly noticable.

    I received your email asking about guest posting on my blog. I'd be delighted! I like your sense of humor. How about planning a post to appear near the beginning of April - have it to me by March 31 or earlier - topic (you can delete this part of comment if you like)

    After guest posting, going back to respond to comments and assisting generously with social promoting. Amazingly, guest posters write and run. Promote and respond and be invited back again. OK, that's my rant done.

  4. add in a plug-in called comluv to encourage more comments

    I have it on my blog

  5. Hey Cheryl, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions AND for letting me guest post. Ooooh, it's gonna be fun.

    I agree, the peck on the cheek is so gratuitous.

    I tried getting commentluv but was denied access to its website. No idea why.

    But then, I came across ECHO which is supposed to be the next generation of comment technology.

    I tried it at a blog that was using it and promptly felt like I'd barged in on a somewhat private conversation.

    It wasn't, I don't think, but the effect of ECHO, which is real-time interactive, gave me that feeling.

    I explained myself and exited quick smart!



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