Friday, March 12, 2010

The life I never lived

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years"  Abraham Lincoln
 I never got on a jet ski even though I'd been hanging out for it for years. Well, not consistently. It wasn't an everyday thought. More like a, 'Oh yeah, I've wanted to do that' whenever I saw a jet skier grate the water.

I never skinny dipped in the moonlight although I'd thought about it often enough.

I never got to an Eric Clapton concert or played at the Montreux Jazz fes even though I rather fancied myself doing both.

Live from Madison Square Garden

I never got round to telling my ex what a mean-spirited, hypocritical piece of junk he is and I'm glad I didn't. He isn't and I sleep peacefully at night.

I never got over my fear of snakes and I'm insanely unsure that I ever want to.

I never made an obscene amount of money. All of mine was PG approved.

I never got paid for sex or sexy poses.

I never told a white lie. All my lies were rich with color - blue for telling about things I had when I didn't, green for pretending I was enjoying something when I was hating every moment of it, red for saying a person was right when I knew they were so hopelessly wrong, yellow for pretending an idea was mine when it wasn't, purple for making out I was someone I wasn't, orange for stretching an already bloated lie and black for pretending that none of it mattered.

I never made a move on a guy.

I never learned Latin and French and German and Sanskrit.

I never got on television, oh, except when I was filmed as part of an audience in some modern cultish social justice event.

I never learned Kung Fu or the samba or even tried zumba though they all tickle my imagination.

I never went on a world cruise, checked out the glaciers in Iceland or secreted myself in a Himalayan ashram.

I never did what Sharon Stone did at the restaurant in the movie Sliver.

I never strolled along the Champs-Elysees in the arms of the man I was unashamedly and unreservedly in love with. Nor have I found him yet.

I never came up with anything quite as exciting as the Bose-Einstein's condensate or Pranav Mistry's sixth sense technology, or as moving as Carlos Santana's Europa or as riveting as Klimt's Kiss or as tricky as Jenga or as satisfying as raspberry jelly. It would've been awesome if I had.

The Kiss, G. Klimt (1500 pc puzzle)
I was afraid I might get quite despondent when I first started this post.  Instead, I find myself rather excited about the prospect of fresh dreams :)

 "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams" John Barrymore

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