Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten things to do when you want to write but just can't decide what

It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous. - Robert Benchley
I've got a few posts in draft form waiting to be released when it's their turn.  In the meantime, I've been pacing my mind, you know, just trying to decide which of its thoughts I should pick up and lob over the net (no pun was intended but now that it's there, I'll take all the credit) between you and me.

I mean, I don't want to deal with death flippantly.  Nor do I want to have to rush through the joys of a single life (and its less joyous moments).  And of course, when it comes to that pesky three-letter word that has been humanity's ultimate bone of contention (and some would passionately avow, it's redemption), well, you don't want to be casual about that either. Yes, I'm talking about 'god'.

So, after much pacing and turning over the mental items on display (rather like sifting through the 'trash and treasure' in a flea market stall), I'm afraid the best I can come up with is a list of things to do when you've not quite decided what you want your next post to be.

Here we go:
  1. Step away from your machine and go breathe the air outside.  It's a lot less stuffy.
  2. Think of soft moments in your life like the times you kissed your mum or hugged your kids or let your cat nuzzle up to you.
  3. Go chat with you dog and discuss some of the day's events with her like the call you got in the morning from a car rental company saying you'd received a speeding fine.
  4. Have a shower and especially, wash your hair.  I could swear it turns the temperature in your head down a tad.
  5. Go visit some other blogs. Again.  It's amazing how the weather (and even the local community) might have changed in that neck of the woods since your last visit.
  6. Have a nice cup of coffee or a warm cup of soy milk and honey with some crushed ginger in it. It's a wonderful pick-me -upper, the soy milk one.
  7. Exercise, gently, like you're meeting your body for the first time, you know?  Take your time, move slowly, listen to it, watch it, smile lots.
  8. Pray.  For me that means just letting all my thoughts go and replacing it with just one - My mind is the center of divine operation (that's from Thomas Troward).
  9. Cook.  Look into your fridge and ask the squatters there who'd like to party.  They'll almost always tell you.  If they don't, just ask your stomach who it'd like to host for the next four hours or so.  Then cook, slowly. It's the best kind of cooking, I've discovered.  Note, I said 'cook' not 'eat'.  You can leave that for later - a sweet reward :)
  10. Write about the very thing you're having difficulty with, like I just did :)
Hope this helps.  Let me know what other cool tricks you have for this kind of writer's block.

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Related but unnecessary note from Thought Bubble Ten: This was the post I was writing when my blog got deleted.


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    2. Hey Betty, thanks for following and for your comment. Mmm..I wonder why you think I'm creative? I know from what I've seen and read at your blog, that you've got a mind that comes up with some cool images :)



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