Monday, March 15, 2010

Einstein was wrong - stupidity is not infinite. I've got it right here in me head!

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

You know how they've asked kids questions like "Where does milk come from?" and to the simultaneous horror and amusement of grown-ups, they say "From the fridge"?

Well, guess what? I was as clueless but a few moments ago.

In all fairness to the kids (yes, it's only since my recent experience that the thought of being fair to kids on this matter occurred to me), milk does come out of the fridge. Certainly it does in their homes and in most homes.

I mean, is the kid supposed to know that it's being asked about the origins of milk? I don't think so. So, quite frankly, now that I think about it, it's a perfectly good answer. No, I'll correct that. It's a perfectly correct answer.

You can tell that my new-found understanding of kids' apparent ignorance is ultimately a backdrop for my own defense in relation to my most recent stupidity.

Oh, let me explain.

I happen to love baked beans, you know the stuff that generally goes with sausages and eggs, although I generally skip the sausages? And yes, the stuff that comes out of a can like this one:

So, you'll understand, won't you, my initial surprise at seeing this

instead when I did a search in Google images for 'baked beans'

Like, oops, there's an actual cooking process involved! 

Well, knew that.  Of course I knew that.  I did know that, didn't I?  Surely, I did?  I mean,. how could I have not?  Did I really think that baked beans originated in a can?  (Excuse me while I just un-blush myself).

OK, I'm back.  No, not recovered.  Can you possibly recover from something as dumb as that?

Anyways, here's what got the whole thing started.  

I had a thought bubble featuring baked beans, seeing as I like it so much and I simply wanted to write a post about baked beans.  And I thought a nice picture of the old-fashioned cans (which I haven't personally seen) would be rather nice to go in the post.  The rest you know.

Anyways, I did eventually find a nice old picture, much nicer than the one I'd imagined and although it's got pork with the beans, it's just a really nice picture, thanks to photobucket.

Now, doesn't that just warm yer cockles?  Almost makes me forget my immeasurable stupidity. Sheeze!

BTW, you knew where baked beans come from, didn't you?

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