Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two blobs of consciousness riding on a bus

Exchanging a smile with a stranger is a warm, toasty kinda thing, at least that's how it felt this afternoon on the bus to L's.

An elderly lady had decided to move seats when the bus made one of its stops. As she settled into her new seat, she happened to look in my direction.  Actually, I think she'd deliberately looked in my direction. That's when our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

It was lovely to see her face crinkle from her smile. Those brief seconds that we held each others' gaze were warm and joyous and left their effect long after I'd resumed watching the quickly-disappearing dashes of street as the bus continued on its route.

I couldn't help wondering how just a few shared microseconds with a stranger could have such a pleasant residual effect.  I think it's because we were able to acknowledge each other's presence without the weight of a shared history.

For a few moments, we were just two blobs of consciousness enjoying our blob-ness.

Nothing more. Or should I say, nothing less.

View from the bus stop not far from L's

The bus stop

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