Sunday, March 14, 2010

An email to S

Oh S
This is soooooooo exciting...

Generating and distributing our own energy...there's
a video of him talking when the site downloads.

I was talking to GJ the other day about how it would
be so cool if somehow, everything that each of us did,
like breathing, eating, thinking, walking, sitting etc
(things that we do naturally and effortlessly) could be
converted to some form of currency that could be
distributed to others and which would 'pay'/be exchanged
for all our needs, creative and otherwise.

Actually, as I write this, I realize that being creative
IS how we survive!  Creativity is not an option only
available to a select, so-called 'talented' few.  It is, in
fact, who and what we truly are!

We must stop thinking that creativity is some special
thing that most of us don't have.  Rather, we must
learn to see that our life, our survival, depends on our

We must also stop seeing creativity as the ability to
produce things of a quantum leap order.  Instead, we
must understand that every act we perform is creative
because it is unique to us, regardless of how many
others have also performed a similar act.

We must return creativity to its orignal meaning from
which it has been hijacked!

Anyway, although Rifkin is not necessarily talking about
my idea of 'natural currency', he is talking about some-
thing that is shaping the way we move forward.  He's
also written a book, The End of Work, which you can
find at his website.

Trust you are enjoying the peace and gentleness of
this soft Sunday, TB

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