Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brown belt origami exponent - not!

I had this desire to make stuff with my hands, you know, crafty things, as well as draw and color and paint.  I rather fancied the idea of decorating my tiny unit with angels for Christmas so I thought I'd learn to make some origami angels. 

Would you believe, the day following my expression of my desire (as a thought in my mind), I came across not one, but several instances of books on origami (though not of angels), something that I'd never noticed before in the bookstores.  And they weren't even tucked away on shelves either but right out there on the display tables:).

Okay, the fact is, this sort of thing, i.e. synchronous events', if you like, has been happening to me more and more in the last few months.  I just have to think of something obscure or unusual (or even mundane and necessary like money) that I desire  and it appears within a few hours or a day or two!  It's been such a thrill. 

Like the time I was thinking of getting some music by Bob Marley, not having mentioned it to anyone.  That very day, the assistant manager at the store where I work played Bob Marley almost all morning.  And in the afternoon, when I went to meet my friend, J, at the Rocking Horse music store in the city, what album had he just purchased?  Yep.  Bob's 'Legend'!  And he is the last person I'd think would be interested in reggae!  I could go on but I'd like to get back to my origami angels and my general desire to get arty-crafty. 

Well, like any wannabe enthusiast,  I looked stuff up on the internet (Yeah, I'm deliberately avoiding using that 'G' word ::) and, as you can imagine, I found what I wanted and gazzillions more!  And, as you can also imagine, I got distracted and started trying out several things.  Some were tearful failures.  No, no, I didn't cry but anyone looking at them would have.

I mean, that origami rose would require an origami brown belt (or whatever the highest karate level belt is) to create.  Yep, that piece of paper that was poised to become a rose before I laid hands on it got rapidly crushed into a heap to avoid further self-embarrasment. 

Then there was the hexagonal gift box that I thought would be gorgeous to make and put Christmas gifts in.  Well, when I saw the number of folds that required and attempted to follow the video, I very quickly found myself marooned on 'Haven't got a snowball's chance in Hell' island, only to be rescued by the thought that perhaps there might be something just a little bit (I mean, a heck of a lot) simpler for an Origami pre-pubescent like me. 

That's when I found the simple, dunce-proof boxes which I simply enjoyed making, not only because they were impossibly easy to make but because I was able to put some simple biro pen designs on them.

I ended up making three of those although I could have easily made three times as many.  I have them sitting on my window sill where I can see them and marvel at their happy beauty :).  Oh, how easily thus soul of mine is thrilled :)

Here they are:

PS  I haven't got round to those angels yet but I intend to... :)

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