Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11-11-10 How much do you want this?

I believe in this.  I hope you do too and that, together, we can create a new reality - one that is free from suffering of all forms and filled with joy, freedom and creative endeavor for every person . Please, have a look:

I'm sooooooooo excited!!!


  1. I hope that your willingness to read this response is not based on whether I say that I am for or against this concept. I don't decry it in any way - it's just a personal reaction (to which I am entitled).

    Noone has enough evidence to deny the claims that are made.

    Many of us are crushed by our day to day life experiences to respond in a determined way to what is asked of us here. And isn't that something of a tragedy for humanity?

    Certainly we have been manipulated into a mindset of consumerism, cynicism - an acceptance of the staus quo.

    Why 2012?

    That's what I would say in these few moments. Let's think about what is said here and give thanks to those who care about humanity enough to make the effort.

    Good luck everybody!

  2. Hey Mr Toad, my willingness to read any comment is based on the appearance of the comment and little else :).

    Why 2012? Well, for me it's just a date/year that seems to have significance for a lot of people and therefore, from a purely pragmatic perspective, it means that there will be a lot of people tuned in and motivated to take action.

    It cou8ld just as easily be 6 November know?

    The thing for me is that if it can bring many people together for a cause as beautiful and loving as this, then I'm in and I'll encourage others to do the same. It's really about bringing collective and concentrated intent on to a singular objective.

    Hope this makes some sense :) And thanks for leaving your comment.



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