Monday, May 10, 2010

Soft impressions of a day with my daughter

These are just some of the impressions of this Sunday gone that I spent with my daughter. 

One of my favorite places to be

My daughter wanted a picture so I obliged with my mobile camera

We went to the markets at the riverside and treated our senses and our cravings to the assortment of clothes and shoes and jewelry that were on display on a perfectly crisp day. We even bought a couple of mile long sour gums, one flavored bourbon and cola and the other sour cola.  Alright, they weren't quite a mile long.

Aside from having a 'Porterhouse steak' with chips, salad and a glass of red for lunch, we also had a glass each of very poorly brewed 'marsala chai' later in the day, served by an unhappy young man with red hair and a mo. Still, it was a gorgeous tea house filled with all things tea including a tea pot with a giraffe's neck and head for a spout.

My daughter wasn't all that chaffed when someone asked if we were sisters but she crowed away when somebody else said she thought she was no more than sixteen.  Hello??? Since when does a twenty-two year old want to look sixteen???

I loved every moment of the day. I really did feel very mum-ish. 

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