Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parallel universes and The Law of Attraction

Inspired by the idea of 'parallel universes' or 'many worlds', I have this rather intriguing thought.  It is further prompted by my observation of how my daily ration of 24 hours get spent.

Most of it, as you can easily guess, is spent appended to my laptop.  The next largest portion is spent asleep, although if you must know, it's usually between 4-6 hours and sometimes much less. 

It's not that I have trouble sleeping.  If anything, I get cross over the fact that I'm gobbled up by sleep in one almighty swoop without so much as three seconds to orientate myself in the direction I wish my dreams to take. 

No, I sleep easily and am grateful for it. I just don't have a great need for a great deal of sleep.  There's just so much that I want to explore and think about and, of course, write about.  And this is where the parallel universes/many worlds thing comes in. 

The theories, extrapolated from the realms of quantum mechanics, propose that the dominant, physical form that I'm currently occupying (in my case, it's the 'me' that's writing this blog and that I've been talking about thus far), is but one of an infinite number of forms or realities that I am simultaneously occupying, the other 'me-s' or forms or realities inhabiting (or creating) parallel universes.

Each form of 'me' is created, supposedly, by a thought of mine, a decision or choice that I make. In theory, all possible choices, which clearly are infinite in number, exist, each in a separate, parallel universe.  Mind blowing?  Yes, it is rather.

The question I have to ask, though, is why is it this form/reality of me that I seem to be most, if not only, aware of?  Why am I not aware of all the others or at least some of them?  I consider this a valid question on account of the fact that I spend most of my time being this particular form of me.  I am rarely in any other form of me, to the best of my knowledge.  Except, of course, when I am dreaming.

If I wanted to spend more of my day in other universes besides this most obvious one, I suppose I could spend more time dreaming.  However, there are the demands and conditions of this dominant universe that I would still have to meet or fulfill such as taking care of my pet, paying my bills, answering emails and so on. Those are things I'm unable to avoid as long as I maintain a presence here.

But all this makes me wonder about the power and use of thought. If each thought creates a parallel universe, I suppose it stands to reason that thoughts of a similar nature will create similar looking universes which could possibly coalesce resulting in a mega universe that seems to dominate all others.  Could this be the reason why I experience  my current life as the most dominant form of me?

Does this therefore imply that if I were able to change my thoughts so dramatically, so qualitatively differently, and keep having more and more of such thoughts, I could actually create a different dominant universe?  A different reality of me?  Is this what might be behind the Law of Attraction? 

What do you think?

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