Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, what do I do with all this inspiration?

The fact of the matter is (funny how I resort to cliches when I really wish to make a point), if I took just one thing, just one solid idea and devoted my entire life to it,. I would be, well, devoted I guess.

My point, which I haven't yet made, is this: There are so many brilliant, useful, high-energy, supremely good ideas that float into my consciousness in the course of a day and I wish I could embrace each one of them consummately.  But the very thought of devoting my life to one of them stirs within me a mild panic. 

What about all the other things that I need to do and think about and put into practice?

Let me give you just a sample of the marvelous ideas, insights, exhortations and inspirational prompts that I've currently got at my disposal (what an odd phrase that is in this particular instance).

"Change your thoughts"
"Slow down"
"Priorities lead to Prosperity"
"You cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself"
"Why you must outsource"
"When you realize that prosperity is your divine heritage, you should persist in claiming it"

I apologize for not including the names of those to be credited for these gems as they come from a variety of sources including Orna Ross, and Beliefnet.

So, what am I to do?  So many wonderful things to live by. How do I incorporate them all?

I suspect that the trick is to embrace just one with as much devotion and faith as you can gather and in time, you'll experience the benefit of everything else.  Problem is, how do you quell the doubts that charge at you from the shadows where they've been waiting?  Waiting for that moment when you are in the light, having seen the light?

Doubts that remind you of failed attempts in the past and that forewarn you of impending doom?  Doubts that want to persuade you that you could be doing something else, something better, something bigger, something more rewarding, more exciting, more creative, more transformational, more innovative, more giving, more glamorous, more cool, more worthy, more 'you'?

Short answer? I don't know. 

But what I have been doing is enjoying the feeling that those truths evoke in me.  I mean, changing your thoughts of fear and dread to magnificence and freedom is a wonderful, wonderful feeling!  So is the thought of getting someone else to do some of the work that I currently have to do so that I can do more of the work that I am really good at.  And as for prioritizing, oh, what a great feeling that is to know that you're giving your energy to just those things that you know are important and that contribute directly to your sense of wellbeing!

Don't I just know how good all that feels?  And isn't it just so worth spending a few moments allowing all those wonderful feelings to wash over me? Yes, yes, yes.  It absolutely is. And I've found that when I do, good things start to happen. 

Someone calls and offers me some money.  Another person invites me to participate in an information exchange seminar on loss and grieving and oh, by the way, would I be interested in volunteering for a research project involving interviewing homeless people, each of the three sessions scheduled to start at 3 in the morning. 

Someone else sends me an email from their BB in the middle of cooking dinner (how lovely to be thought of and missed in the heart-warming activity of cooking) and another email tells me what a lovely picture I took of a vintage car and gives me some information about it and thanks me for thinking of her...Yes, all these wholesomely good stuff happens when I just lose myself in good feelings and dreamy visions. 

And it so happens that in the midst of all this, I created a (yes, yet another) new blog. It's rich and dark and filled with intoxicating aromas. I mean, you'll know you're in Coffee Heaven when you visit Espresso Makers and Coffee Lovers :)

If you do, do leave a comment or let me know in some way that you've dropped by. I should love that! Oh, and to tell the truth, I'd love to know what you think of it and if you have any suggestions for it or for any of the things that I write about and that you patiently and generously take the time to read. You know I absolutely appreciate it.

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