Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A visit to the Boomer Muse's hall of residence

I must remember to tell you that this Thursday, Layla Morgan Wilde will be guest posting here while I will be guest posting at her blog, The Boomer Muse. I'm looking forward to it. 

LMW's Blog Catalog profile reads thus:

"Layla Morgan Wilde is the Boomer Muse, a baby boomer's best friend. She shares her own brand of quirky wit and wisdom with her photo diary,inspirational quotes and Cat Saturday for cat lovers" 

Her tagline says:

Writer/Blogger/Photog/Intuitive Life Coach...not necessarily in that order... based in Westchester County, New York.

Ever since I came across her name and her blog, I've been consistently making a couple of cognitive slips:

1. I keep thinking and reading her name as Lady Morgan Wilde. Somehow, that runs off my neurons and tongue more readily than Layla Morgan Wilde.

2. I don't know why I keep thinking that she's from Canada when she clearly says she's from New York.

But all that aside, I'm excited about exploring some new part of my mind and seeing where that takes me as I write my guest post.

So that my post doesn't land on her blog like a lost potato chip on a plate of amuse bouche, I've been traveling through her blog to breathe the air there, take in the scenery and eavesdrop on past and present conversations. 

I find myself in a place of visual contrasts framed by a collage of darkish images in a banner supported by a dark sidebar against a white background. A spread of tarot cards partly covering what I presume is a journal of some sort and a cat who glares at me from under the words 'i know wat u thinkin' are among the images in the banner.

I am not sure how I feel about all this but I am curious to find out more - about how I feel and about LMW. And so I wander further in where I discover lots more images, of cats, trees, tarot cards and mandalas, many of which have captions that cause me to stop a little longer. I don't want to miss an opportunity to be inspired or at least reminded of something that had once inspired me. One such caption says:

"Speech was given to man to disguise his thoughts"
The air here smells of musk and frangipani as if it's laden with something old while trying to make the new feel welcome.  Ah, yes, this is after all the Boomer Muse's very own hall of residence where generations not too long past have left a legacy of aspirations, some abandoned but many still waiting to be fulfilled.

I look for somewhere to sit for a while to gather my thoughts and eventually return to an image I'd briefly enjoyed earlier - a mandala, this one with a light background. I feel a relief, but what from?

Some of the conversations I overhear sound like late evening confessions from admirers to which the author seems to respond with deliberate cheer. One conversation, however, about an ill-fated raccoon and a cat who becomes a hero is particularly lively, drawing ready admissions from readers of being moved to tears.

This gallery of images with dark backgrounds and dark frames interspersed with personal reflections and invitations to spiritual games is not one that I'm finding easy to relax in.  This makes me wonder why I feel I should be able to.

It's this wondering that makes me realize that my visit to LMW's blog tells me at least as much about myself as it provides me with hints about it's owner. Perhaps it might be a stimulus for some of your own self-discovery?  If you're game, go visit The Boomer Muse and find out for yourself.

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