Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is what hurts the most

That he was in pain. That I wasn't there to hold him and soothe it away. That he was alone.

Ten years - we'd been through a lot together.


  1. A beautiful pusscat! And I strongly believe that every child should, if at all possible, have the experience of being with animals, caring for them, loving them - makes us better human beings. Here's part of what I said before to you on BC:

    I'm sure there are many catlovers here who have at least some understanding of you feel after losing your cat. I'm sure they will be thinking of you.

    Now is the time to think about about the good times you had together. My memories of one of my cats include her sleeping on the bed with me and having a favourite spot at the top of the stairs - took me a long time to realise that this was where the underfloor central heating pipes were laid!

  2. I had a 21 year old cat that passed away several months ago. His name was Rocky and named him after the famous squirrel. But I still have Jodie, named after the famous actress, and she's petty sweet.

    I know I love animals and they are easy to become attached to. I guess, besides being furry and soft, they don't judge too much, unless you forget to feed them of course.



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