Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To quote Meatloaf...'but I won't do that'

I made a decision some time ago that I wasn’t going to post a second comment at a blog that did not reciprocate my first comment with a visit to and comment at any one of my blogs.


Well, for the simple reason that I’m reading the failure to reciprocate as a lack of interest in engaging in a conversation with me.  That so, I’m not one to impose myself on someone who shows no interest in talking to me.

As I’ve said many times before, I blog mainly for the conversations that my posts will generate.  The post is merely a prompt.  It’s not the main event.  It may be for others but it almost always isn’t for me.  

There are some posts, admittedly, that I write with the overriding intention to share what I think may be useful insights and experiences.  These are found mainly in my Passion, Play and Purpose blog.  

But even there, I post with the hope that my posts will generate conversations.  

It doesn’t matter to me whether someone has grand or scintillatingly insightful comments to make or not.  I know that my own comments at other blogs are hardly of that order.

But I do appreciate a comment because it is a natural part of a conversation that I’ve either initiated with a  post or  engaged in with a comment I’ve left at a blog.

It doesn’t matter that the topics on their blog and mine are different, even vastly different.  It does matter that we talk.

It’s like being at a party and saying something to someone to which they say nothing.  I think that’s rude. 

Change the topic, by all means, if you have nothing to *add* or if the topic doesn't interest you.  Ask a question, if that helps. 

But not reciprocating, which in blog world means (to me), ‘I’m not interested in talking with you’, is telling me that I’m wasting my time leaving a comment at your blog.  

What are your thoughts on this subject?  I’d love to know and I will continue the conversation at your blog whether on the same topic or another…I love conversations, remember? J

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