Monday, February 21, 2011

Isn't attachment such a curse?

I was at a Thrift shop a couple of days ago and happened to notice this mounted photograph.  My heart leaped with joy as I savored the sweet sentiment and rustic setting of this simply charming composition.

I had to have it in my home where I could enjoy it over and over again, so I was only too pleased to part with $4!  Now if that isn't a bargain :)

This last week has been a week of exceptional accomplishment for me.  I finally got round to going through several boxes of my 'possessions' from almost four years ago when I last moved house.  They'd been living under my friend, J's worker's cottage.

I was delighted to find almost everything in perfect nick and both thrilled and dismayed at the sight of all my books (over 10 boxes of them).  Thrilled to reconnect with 'old friends' and dismayed at the thought of having to part with them again.  I simply don't have the room in my tiny studio apartment.  And, to be fair, there were a few of them that I was actually ready to let go.

So, J and I took some of those books along with a whole heap of clothes, plates, glasses, cups and crockery and other bric-a-brac to the Salvos.  I've got a couple of boxes of books that I've saved for a friend of mine as I know she'll enjoy them.  They are mostly on personal and spiritual development - books that have served me well over many years.

I still have about 3 boxes of books that I'm not quite ready to part with and I'm vacillating between keeping them (but where or where???) and giving them to one or other of those Opportunity Shops (isn't that the most gorgeous name???  Although, sadly, it's often abbreviated to Op shops which kinda makes us forget what they really are!). 

I must admit that as each day passes, I feel stronger about letting them go too especially when I think they could land in the hands of people who would really get something from them (as I have).

Do you have possessions from a previous life that you find hard to part with?  What are they?  And what have you done about it?

PS  Have you checked out my 'newish' blog with my pictures and poems including a couple of digital paintings that I've done?  Right here :)

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