Monday, September 19, 2011

Why meditate? And other realizations...

The composite image above is made up of two photographs that I took, one in Brisbane, the other in Melbourne. 

At various times today, in between the reading Ive been doing, I started writing what I thought might be blog posts.  But I wasn't drawn to finish them.  It's only since I've been playing with these images this evening that I felt I had something I wanted to share. 

And then there are some thoughts/reflections/insights that I've had and have been noting down.  These too I'd like to share.  The asterisked ones are those I know I've heard or read somewhere other than in my conscious mind.  Perhaps you've thought of them too.  I'd love to read your thoughts on them and other things that are on your mind, as always :)

When one door shuts, you have {Infinity-1} doors to choose to walk through to you next excitement and adventure.
Whatever you believe, you are right *
You are naturally free, limitless, powerful and abundant, nothing less.  
What do you want right now?  What is the next excitement, joy or delight you wish to feel?
Focus on what you want.  Dream bigger and bigger and bigger still.
You can never fail.  You have never failed.  You have merely experienced something you did not intend.  That is not failure.  That is a treasure trove of insights, understandings and opportunities for refinement.
You don’t have to believe everything you think. *
Who are you?  Who are you?  Who are you?  You are nothing short of Extraordinary, Remarkable, Magical, Undeniably Magnificent, Awesomely good.
The path to financial abundance is an emotional one. * Abraham of Esther and Jerry Hicks
You cannot convince yourself of who you are.  You can only recognize and accept it – your greatness, joy, peace, abundance and limitlessness – recognize and accept all of it.
Recover your attention from the limited perception you have of yourself and cast it back on infinite and eternal power, presence and possibility.
Hurrying is a reflection of a lack of faith, of complete knowing, that all is well and has only ever been well and will only ever be well.
Hurrying is a reflection of a lack of faith that the All-Power that expresses itself through you is not capable of bringing to you exactly that which you desire and at exactly when you are ready for it.
Here is a powerful realization – everything you do is an expression of habit, especially the habits of the mind.  
When you realize that most thoughts, feelings, words and actions are habits, nothing more, you will be ready to diffuse the power they seem to have on you and replace them with new habits that empower and honor you.
Be a god addressing other gods. * Wallace D Wattle

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