Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is anything possible? Or should that be...

Is anything impossible?

Stories like this just confirm to me that the source and capabilities of our power transcend the limitations of the *conditioned* mind.

I haven't been posting much this last couple of months. I've been occupied with some of the other things that I have a passion for - teaching, copywriting and mentoring.

All of these have been a wondrous and delightful manifestation of my desires and dreams - set free from the habitual fears and doubts that I've carried for most of my life.

And it's only getting better... :)

And how have you all been? How have you been traveling? How are you shaping your life? You know how much I love hearing from you. Please do drop a line or two and share with me.

May the Power of Infinite Love flow freely through us all!

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